Artist Royalties

Kubby&Co Worldwide supports Creatives by licencing selected Artworks for use on our products. Artists agree to allow their images to be used in exchange for royalty payments.

When you license your artwork, you retain legal ownership of the work. This means that you keep your copyright or design patent, while Kubby&Co Worldwide makes and sells products featuring your artwork, duplicating your imagery on merchandise.

In return for granting the license, you receive a royalty, a continuing payment (monthly), based upon a percentage of the licensed artwork's income. You can withdraw from this agreement at any time without penalty.

Kubby&Co Worldwide operates using a Print on Demand Business model. Our products are manufactured once a customer has paid for the item. 

Licencing your work does not guarantee that you will receive any revenue. 
It is in our best interests to present your work in a way that 
a) does not undermine your art in any way
b) presents a product that is likely to sell

When you agree with us, you are granting permission to use your art on any of our product range - at our discretion, this includes Canvas Prints and Art Prints.

Kubby&Co Worldwide uses Mock-up Images to sell products. If you are unhappy with how we use your work on a particular product - please let us know immediately, and we will withdraw the product from sale and work with you to get it right if we can..

Transparency and Reporting
We send a weekly report verified by Shopify showing total sales numbers of that artist's licenced work. 

 You can request an update at any time - email 

Understanding the Licensing Agreement

Like many legal areas, licensing involves a fair amount of jargon. Below are some definitions.

Gross and Net Sales

"Gross sales" refers to the total amount billed to customers who buy the product containing the licensed artwork. "Net sales" are usually defined as the licensee's gross sales minus certain deductions. In other words, the licensee calculates the total amount billed to customers and deducts certain items, such as the costs of goods, before calculating and paying the royalty.


Deductions are subtracted from sales before the royalty is calculated. It is ordinarily acceptable for a licensee to deduct from gross sales any amounts paid for taxes, credits, returns, and quantity discounts made at the purchase time. It is also not unusual for a licensee to deduct shipping (the cost of getting the products to the buyer). 

Royalty rates. Royalty payments are computed by multiplying the royalty rate against net sales.

Kubby&Co Worldwide pays a royalty rate of 7%

We pay royalties out after a minimum of 1 week has passed since the product's physical delivery - in case there are returns.
Payments are the 15th of the month via bank transfer or Paypal 
Calculated from 15th - 15th of each month
You are responsible for your tax payments

The net sale figure calculated as follows

Cost of the base product  
 % cost for Marketing (max of 9%)
Shipping (if any), Industry Standards

Art Licensing Royalty Average is 6.4% (Industry Royalty Average is 8.3%)